Developer passionate about architecture or System Expert who knows coding, true multi-linguist of technology, you perfectly know the language of these two worlds and wish to get them closer to reach the sacred graal of secured and scalable continuous delivery on the Cloud.

Your role on the project

Within exciting projects, you will take part in leading-edge consulting missions. You will conceive high-performance and agile technical architectures based on state-of-the-heart technology: Cloud and infrastructure as Code. You will also be responsible for implementing continuous integration and automated development architectures, while supporting a development team. You may also have to analyze existing architectures and define their transformation path.

Your role at PALO IT

You will be invited to take part in R&D works done within our Practices. You will have the chance to assist or be a speaker at must-attend international IT conferences. You will have the opportunity to write articles for our Blog or specialized press. Genuine ambassador of Palo IT, you will present our offers and take and active role in the development of the company.

Your technical environment

# JAVA EE environment;
# Automation and deployment: Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, Docker, Ansible;
# Virtual environments: KVM, Libvirt, VMWare;
# Cloud: AWS, Azure, GCE.


PALO IT is a learning company guided by the values of Agility and craftsmanship offering you multiple possibilities to express yourself and enhance your skills through :

# Our monthly BarCamps;
# Our R&D projects;
# Our Practices (Development, Architecture, Lean & Agile, Big Data);
# Our missions high added value missions in France and internationally that will make you discover new horizons;
# Our participation to and sponsoring of major technical events;
# And our parties parties = FUN !

Firmly focusing on international expansion, we have offices in France, Hong Kong and Singapore, meet us to continue this growth !

Your profile

Graduated from an Engineering School, with 5 to 15 years of experience on a similar position. You have strong technical skills about Network infrastructure, Storage, Security and System. Ideally, you have some experience in production and development enabling you to bridge the gap. You understand the DevOps trend and its implementation consequences. You have management skills: customer focus, inter-personal and communication skills and great rigor.