Launched by the regional banks of Crédit Agricole in 2009,
B FOR BANK is a 100% on-line bank.

It aims to offer premium and personalized services for its customers
to get involved in their personal finances management.


Design a richer, more modern and most of all more user friendly Web interface.

Our team

# PALO IT built a pluridisciplinary team of experts in Backend and Frontend development, Project managers, Scrum Masters, Architects and Business Analysts, able to lead the project through Scrum practices.
# Project duration : 700 Man-hours.

Our achievements

# Definition and framework of the technical architecture.
# Drafting of general and detailed technical architecture specifications.
# Implementation of a Proof Of Concept on the validated CMS solution.
# Development of the new Web site.
# Developments industrialization : implementation of continuous integration and DevOps oriented processes.

Customer benefits

# An optimized user experience improving conversion and customer loyalty.
# Facilitation of content contribution by the copywriting teams.
# Aggregation and automation of stock-market flows.
# Better traffic analysis.