ORANGE Vallée is a subsidiary in charge of innovation and development
of the Orange Group.

IT aims to develop and sell new Web or telecommunication services
in France and internationally.


Designing an intelligent messaging system allowing free calls
with VOIP around the world.

Customer benefits

# Spread the business vision and value of the final product among the teams.
# Improvement of the User Stories’ description.
# Expertise NoSQL and internal development teams skills ramp up.
# Identification of alternative solutions to Flex (HTML 5).
# Teams productivity increase.
# Deployment management of the solution internationally.

Our team

# PALO IT built a pluridisciplinary team of experts in Backend and Frontend development, able to lead the project through the implementation of Scrum and Lean Startup practices.
# Project duration : 10 000 Man-hours/ year.

Our achievements

# Creation of a Proof of Concept on HTML 5 & WebRTC.
# Migration from Flex to HTML 5.
# Development of the mobile back offices in PHP.
# Support of the VOIP team on Asterisk et OpenSIPS.
# Development or the server in JAVA / NoSQL.
# Automation of UI tests on the iPhone application.
# Deployment management of the solution in the customers’ countries.