The SACEM, Society of authors, composers and publishers of music, is a non-profit non-trading entity owned and managed by its members.

To guarantee authors’ intellectual property rights over their works, SACEM collects and distributes royalties, thereby playing a crucial economic role to preserve musical creation.


Conceive an innovative portal integrating several websites,
an enhanced customer space accessible 24/7 and a payment platform,
enabling the collection of music royalties.

Our team

# PALO IT built a team of 6 Web Development experts able to lead the project by implementing Agile practices.
# Project duration: 2000 man-hours.

Our achievements

# Creation of a secured customer space combining all the account management tools.
# Development of a relooking tool enabling the integration of old applications into the new graphical charter.
# Design of an architecture that ensures 24/7 availability of the portal.

Customer benefits

# Amélioration de la productivité des équipes Support grâce à des contenus plus riches.
# Forte croissance de l’activité commerciale online grâce à son nouveau portail.
# Modernisation du look & feel du portail à moindre coût.