SNCF, French National Rail Society, is one of the world leaders for the mobility of people and goods.

Its mission is to design and develop tomorrow’s mobility thanks to a complete offer of innovative solutions.


Merge all the different traveller information mobile applications to provide a consistent and innovative experience to its users.

Customer benefits

# A single application allowing travellers to be informed and helped throughout their journey, from their home to their destination.
# An application designed by the users, for the users.
# An intelligent application that evolves in real-time offering the information the traveller really needs.

Our team

# PALO IT built a multidisciplinary team of 6 experts in Mobile Development, Backend and Frontend, Automated tests and Agile Coaching able to lead the project through the use of Game Storming patterns encouraging creativity, quick decision making and innovation.
# Project duration: 5000 Man-hours.

Our achievements

# Setup of a Lean Startup structure involving the end users in the decision making process.
# Creation of a complete middleware allowing for the unification of the different information systems.
# Implementation of a Web Socket architecture able to distribute real-time information to more than 3 million users.
# Agile Coaching of Feature Teams DevOps oriented.