An easy-access platform to care for terminally ill patients

Prototyping a communication, scheduling and educational platform to accommodate those caring for cancer patients.


A Singapore National Health Survey estimated there were about 210,000 individuals aged 18 to 69 that provided regular care to family and friends. Three quarters of these caregivers were employed, and on average spent 6.8 hours per day caring for patients.


Caregivers of terminally ill patients face a great deal of emotional burden. Juggling employment, family responsibilities and caregiving can be quite a feat.

Administrative tasks like managing prescriptions, scheduling medical appointments and communicating all this info should be the least of a caregiver’s worries. Answers were needed, but solutions were few.


  • In-depth interviews with cancer patients and caregivers to better understand their daily struggles, and ideation workshops to uncover more practical solutions to integrate tech into a caregiver’s day-to-day tasks.
  • WeCare – an all-in-one digital application for caregivers. The platform streamlines multimedia communications (messaging, audio, images, video) regarding patient symptoms, doctor instructions, questions and medications. The platform deepens the communication process between those caring for the terminally ill.
“Given both our expertise and our experience in end-to-end digital product development, PALO IT is well-placed to ease the increasing burden of caregiving through technology.”
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